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Are you a startup, small business, or other technology company looking to improve the quality of the English on your website? We’re here to help.

English: The World’s Language

If you want to sell your products to international customers, you need to sell to them in perfect English. You may be dominating your local market, but until your product is available in impeccable English, you’ll be missing out on nearly a billion English-speakers.

Already a Native English Speaker?

Your writing probably still needs to be improved. If you want to be trusted by native English speakers (340 million and counting) your English needs to be flawless. For better or worse, native English speakers usually don’t speak any other languages. As such, if you want their business, you need to speak their language – typos, awkward phrases, and sloppy sentence structure not included.

Convinced that English is important? Read on.

A Complete Edit of Your Website/Application

From start to finish. The whole shebang. We will go through your entire website or application and suggest edits, re-writes, and stylistic changes.

How Does It Work?

First, we’ll discuss your startup’s brand – who you are and who you want to be. It’s important to clearly define the idenity that you want to communicate.

If you’re a young, cutting-edge startup out to change the world, we’ll make your copy witty and sharp. Or, if you’re a group of grizzled industry veterans, we’ll convey your expertise with knowledgable and reassuring language.

Then, we’ll ask you for a complete listing of all the pages on your website or application. Still in beta? Not to worry. We can work from screenshots or mockups.

Now, it’s go time. This is where all the magic happens. We’ll edit and revise your entire website/application to fit your specifications.

Finally, we’ll send you a report with all of our suggested changes.

Pretty simple, right?


How Long Will the Editing Take?

It completely depends on the size of the website and the complexity of your product. No two projects are the same.

What is Your Rate?

It depends on the specific project. Get in touch below.

Can I Hire You for [Something]?

Sure. We’re available for any writing-or-editing-related job.

Other Questions?

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