What’s the Difference Between Hardware and Software?

In this post, I want to briefly talk about the difference between hardware and software.

It’s pretty simple, actually.

What is Hardware?

Hardware refers to any physical device that connects to the computer. The key word here is physical; you can touch hardware with your hand. Examples of hardware include:

  • The screen (also called a monitor)
  • The keyboard
  • The mouse or other input device
  • RAM
  • Hard drive

What is Software?

Software refers to any code or computer program that runs on your computer. Unlike hardware, software is not strictly physical – you cannot touch software with your hand, as it exists “in the computer.” Examples of software include:

  • Operating systems like Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • Internet browsers and websites
  • Computer games and iPhone applications

Pretty simple, right? Just remember: hardware exists in the physical world, while software exists in the digital world.

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