What Does “Facebook Me” Mean?

“Facebook me” is a common expression in everyday American English. What does it mean? In this brief post, we’ll find out!

“Find Me on Facebook”

It’s pretty simple. “Facebook me” simply means, “Find me on Facebook and send me a friend request.” The phrase is often used after having met someone for the first time. The situation is similar to that of exchanging business cards, except Facebook is rarely used for business contacts.

The Social Network

A fun piece of trivia: the phrase was famously self-referenced in the film The Social Network. After meeting two women at a lecture, Eduardo Saverin talks to Mark Zuckerberg:

Eduardo: She said, “Facebook me and we’ll grab a drink later.” Which was great for two reasons…one, she said, “Facebook me” and the other…’

Mark: …they want to have drinks later.

Eduardo: Have you ever heard so many good things packed into one regular-sized sentence?

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