Is “Many Thanks” Grammatically Correct?

I often come across the phrase “many thanks” at the end of an email. It seems intuitively wrong to me, but is it actually, objectively, incorrect?

It Is Grammatically Correct

“Many thanks” is a grammatically correct phrase. There’s not anything structurally wrong with it. But, it’s just…off. It looks funny and incorrect to most native American English speakers.

It’s Just Not Commonly Used

Why does it seem incorrect? Probably because it is not a commonly-used phrase. Instead, most English-speaking Americans would use one of the following phrases:

  • Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you very much.
  • Thank you, I appreciate it.
  • Much appreciated.

As such, I recommend not using many thanks. It’s uncommon and simply unnecessary. Stick to one of the variations above.

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