Is it “Pronounciation” or “Pronunciation?”

One of the most commonly misspelled words is (ironically) pronunciation. It is often misspelled as pronounciation (with an extra ‘o’). This is incorrect!

It’s not Pro-Noun-Ciation

Why is it so often misspelled? Probably because there are many other words that follow a similar pattern:

To Associate and Association
To Negotiate and Negotiation
To Appreciate and Appreciation

In all of these word pairs, the verb becomes the noun by dropping the ‘-e’ and adding ‘-ion’:

Associat [remove the -e]
Association [add -ion]

However, pronunciation is different. Unlike the examples above, you cannot simply drop the -e from pronounce and add -ion. The structure of the word changes entirely.

[remove the second o]
[remove the -e and add -iation]

Confusing, isn’t it? Here’s an easy way to remember the difference:

Pronounce is not a noun, but it does have the word noun in it.
Pronunciation is a noun, but it doesn’t have the word noun in it.

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