“Anymore” vs. “Any More”

Anymore and any more look like different spellings of the same word. Are they? Or is there a difference?

They Have the Same Meaning

Anymore and any more have exactly the same meaning. Both of them have two basic meanings:

1. An indefinite quantity of something.

No, thank you, I do not want any more vegan chicken tenders.

Jack does not need any more practice; he is ready to look for a job.

2. Used to imply that one no longer does [an activity]. When using any more in this way, it is interchangeable with any longer or these days.

No one writes Perl code any more.
No one writes Perl code any longer.
No one writes Perl code these days.


“Anymore” is Technically Incorrect!

The spelling of anymore without a space is not actually a word! In strict English, the expression must have a space between any and more. That said, the spelling anymore is still widely used, so you should be aware of it.

As such, I would recommend that you avoid using it, if possible.

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